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Information about MPC station J95 (Great Shefford).

Core informations from the MPC code files:

Code J95
Longitude 358.55301 (358:33:10 East)
cos(Latitude) 0.624152
sin(Latitude) +0.778715
Geocentric Latitude 51.28729 (51:17:14)
Geographic Latitude 51.47496 (51:28:29)
Altitude 161 m (Note: The uncertainty maybe several meters at moment due to wrong values by the observer).
Radius 6365,16 km
Station Name Great Shefford
First observation 2002-05-30
Last observation 2024-07-11 (based on MPCAT)
Interval betwen first and last observation 8079
Number of observations 62823
Number of different observed objects 14753
Number of used nights 4205
MPEC objects
NEO objects
ITF objects
MPEC watch
Google Search"Great Shefford"
Location Geohack OpenStreet Map Satellite chart

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