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Information about MPC station Q20 (Swan Reach Imaging, Glenalta).

Core informations from the MPC code files:

Code Q20
Longitude 139.57008 (139:34:12 East)
cos(Latitude) 0.824585
sin(Latitude) -0.563856
Geocentric Latitude -34.36454 (325:38:07)
Geographic Latitude -34.54408 (325:27:21)
Altitude 63 m (Note: The uncertainty maybe several meters at moment due to wrong values by the observer).
Radius 6371,363 km
Station Name Swan Reach Imaging, Glenalta
First observation 2024-02-01
Last observation 2024-03-03 (based on MPCAT)
Interval betwen first and last observation 32
Number of observations 82
Number of different observed objects 13
Number of used nights 8
MPEC objects
NEO objects
MPEC watch
Google Search"Swan Reach Imaging - Glenalta"
Location Geohack OpenStreet Map Satellite chart

This research has made use of data and/or services provided by the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center.

Made with obs-stat at 05-26-2024 07:55:05. (C) Jost Jahn, Amrum, Germany,